Dog friendly

Dog friendly places near the motorway

Dog friendly places to eat and rest near the motorway

There are places to eat, drink and rest that welcome dogs and are great alternatives to motorway services. There are many pubs, cafes, garden centres and hotels located near to motorway junctions. Some are extra friendly with large outdoor spaces, log fires in winter and offer treats for your four-legged friend. Why not enjoy the break from driving. Find dog friendly places to stop along your motorway journey here:
M1 Dog friendly services
M2 Dog friendly services
M3 Dog friendly services
M4 Dog friendly services
M5 Dog friendly services
M6 Dog friendly services
M40 Dog friendly services
M42 Dog friendly services

Please bear with us, we are currently updating all the other motorways and assessing places that welcome dogs. This list will grow as we update them.

All listed services, including those that are not noted as being dog friendly

To find all services off a junction not just those that are noted as dog friendly, select a motorway and junction using our junction finder below.