Pubs off the M4

Pubs near M4 motorway junctions

Pubs and restaurants off the M4 motorway

We list 35 pubs within a few minutes of M4 motorway junctions to break up a long journey. Find country pubs, carvery's, grill restaurants and many more just off the M4 motorway.

M4 Family friendly places to eat

If you're traveling with children lookout for family friendly pubs off the M4 Motorway. We also list features like childrens play areas under facilities to help you find the right place for you to take a break.

M4 Pubs

Company Name Location Facilities Distance
The Plough Inn - West Drayton The Plough Inn - West Drayton, M4, Junction 4-0.6 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 4
Harvester The Montagu ArmsHarvester, The Montagu ArmsM4, Junction 5Family Friendly
0.4 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 5
The Ostritch - Colnbrook The Ostritch - Colnbrook, M4, Junction 5-1.3 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 5
The Swan - Three Mile Cross The Swan - Three Mile Cross, M4, Junction 11Outdoor seating
Family Friendly
Free WiFi
0.9 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 11
Stonehouse World Turned Upside DownStonehouse, World Turned Upside DownM4, Junction 11Family Friendly
1.3 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 11
Ye Olde Red Lion - Chieveley Ye Olde Red Lion - Chieveley, M4, Junction 13Garden
0.8 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 13
The White Horse of Hermitage The White Horse of Hermitage, M4, Junction 13Garden
Family Friendly
2.2 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 13
The Pheasant Inn - Hungerford The Pheasant Inn - Hungerford, M4, Junction 14Accommodation
0.6 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 14
The Plough Inn - Badbury The Plough Inn - Badbury, M4, Junction 15Garden
0.3 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 15
The Village Inn - Liddington The Village Inn - Liddington, M4, Junction 15Garden
2.3 Miles (5 Mins) from Junction 15
ArkellArkell's, The Sun InnM4, Junction 15Garden
Family Friendly
2.0 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 15
Hungry Horse The Spotted CowHungry Horse, The Spotted CowM4, Junction 15Beer Garden
Family Friendly
Free WiFi
Free Car Park
1.7 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 15
The Plough Inn - Kingston Langley The Plough Inn - Kingston Langley, M4, Junction 17Garden
Family Friendly
Free WiFi
2.0 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 17
The Jolly Huntsman Inn The Jolly Huntsman Inn, M4, Junction 17Family Friendly
2.7 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 17
Brewers Fayre Cepen ParkBrewers Fayre, Cepen ParkM4, Junction 17Family friendly
Premier Inn
Fun Factory
2.8 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 17
The MajorThe Major's Retreat, The Portcullis innM4, Junction 18Garden
0.9 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 18
Wadworth The Crown InnWadworth, The Crown InnM4, Junction 18Garden
Family Friendly
1.0 Mile (2 Mins) from Junction 18
Old English Inns Cross Hands HotelOld English Inns, Cross Hands HotelM4, Junction 18Beer Garden
Free WiFi
Family Friendly
2.0 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 18
The Dog Inn - Old Sodbury The Dog Inn - Old Sodbury, M4, Junction 18Beer Garden
Family Friendly
3.0 Miles (5 Mins) from Junction 18
Harvester The BordererHarvester, The BordererM4, Junction 26Family Friendly
0.6 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 26
Vintage Inns The DragonflyVintage Inns, The DragonflyM4, Junction 28Beer Garden
Family Friendly
0.6 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 28
The Unicorn Inn - Cardiff The Unicorn Inn - Cardiff, M4, Junction 30-0.7 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 30
Sizzling Pubs The Village InnSizzling Pubs, The Village InnM4, Junction 30Family friendly
1.7 Miles (5 Mins) from Junction 30
Toby Carvery Whitchurch in CardiffToby Carvery, Whitchurch in CardiffM4, Junction 32Family Friendly
Beer Garden
Function Rooms
1.2 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 32
Vintage Inns The Castell MynachVintage Inns, The Castell MynachM4, Junction 34Beer Garden
Family Friendly
0.8 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 34
The Miskin Arms The Miskin Arms, M4, Junction 34Garden
1.7 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 34
Harvester The Old Mill InnHarvester, The Old Mill InnM4, Junction 35Family Friendly
1.3 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 35
Table Table Pantruthyn FarmTable Table, Pantruthyn FarmM4, Junction 35Garden
Premier Inn
Family Friendly
0.4 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 35
Harvester Sarn BridgendHarvester, Sarn BridgendM4, Junction 36Family Friendly
0.6 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 36
Harvester Llandarcy, NeathHarvester, Llandarcy, NeathM4, Junction 43-0.1 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 43
The Plough & Harrow - Llansamlet The Plough & Harrow - Llansamlet, M4, Junction 44Beer Garden
1.1 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 44
Fayre & Square The Dylan ThomasFayre & Square, The Dylan ThomasM4, Junction 45Free WiFi
Family Friendly
Car Park
1.4 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 45
Chef & Brewer The GeorgeChef & Brewer, The GeorgeM4, Junction 10Beer Garden
Family Friendly
Air Conditioning
2.4 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 10
The Tally Ho NewtonThe Tally Ho, NewtonM4, Junction 14Outdoor seating area
1 Min (0.8 Miles) from Junction 14
The Golden Lion MagorThe Golden Lion, MagorM4, Junction 23aGarden
Meeting facilities
0.9 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 23a

More than just pubs

JustoffJunction list many more places to eat than just pubs like bakeries, fastfood, chip shops as well as other services like accommodation and petrol stations. If you want to find the full list of services we list off the M4 select our M4 Motorway page or select a motorway and junction from our junction finder below.