Alternatives to Motorway Services


Alternative Services off motorway junctions

We list over 5,000 places off motorway junctions like pubs, petrol stations and hotels within a few minutes drive of motorway junctions. These can be a great alternative to motorway service stations with a wider range of food choices, cheaper fuel and more scenic places to make your motorway break more enjoyable.

Find restaurants, pubs, cafes, fast food, fish and chip shops and bakeries just off the motorway. Save money and enjoy more choice with places to eat within 5 minutes of the motorway.

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JustoffJunction lists hundreds of hotels and other accommodation types near the motorway. With hotels, motels and b&b's to suit all budgets, find convenient accommodation just off motorway junctions.

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Motorway services areas often charge more for fuel than non service area petrol stations. Find cheaper fuel with supermaket petrol stations and other retailers near the motorway.

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More choice

Why not enjoy the journey and stop off for a traditional home cooked meal at one of the many country pubs we list. Alternatively find great value at one of the many chain restaurants, or if your in a hurry find a chippy or fast food restaurant near the motorway. Many services now offer budget motel style accommodation, we give you more choice from budget to boutique and luxury.

Save money

Save money with fast food and petrol without the motorway service premium, many places near the motorway are 24 hour so just as convenient. Alternative find cheap food on the go with supermakets, bakeries and cafes. With more hotel options you can find more rooms available and at the best rate.

More services

As well as the usual services required when driving on the motorway we also list supermakets, pharmacies, car repair garages and parts retailers, train stations and recreational places. Find out more on our about page. Enjoy your alternative motorway services experience.